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OUAI Fine Hair Conditioner Refill 946ml
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Top up your OUAI Fine Hair Conditioner when you run low with this one litre refill. Catering to fine, thin and wipsy hair types in need of a volumising boost, this caring conditioner is designed to give limp, lifeless, lacklustre locks some energising va-va-voom. Deeply nourishing without adding weight, the lightweight, creamy conditioner leaves each strand silky smooth and soft. It helps to inject and maintain volume, transforming fine hair into a full-bodied mane that appears thicker and stronger. Enriched with Biotin (essential B7) and Keratin, you’ll be less prone to experiencing breakage due to brushing while Chia Seed and Hemp Oil ensure that you’re treated to a lustrous shiny finish. Hair will feel hydrated and moisturised for a sleek look that’s free from frizz and flyaways. Water will be locked in to ensure your strands look their best throughout the whole day. Softness, bounce and volume revives flat hair with voluminous body, plus the formula delicately perfumes your tresses with a fragrant blend of Orange, Peony, Magnolia, Jasmine, Musk and Orris. Safe on all hair, including colour-treated hair, chemically processed hair, Keratin and Brazilian blowout treated hair, extensions, wigs, and synthetic hair.

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