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Brand from Japan: Kose. While gently caring for skin sensitive to UV damage. Cleansing oil which firmly drops make-up fee, oxidized sebum, stains of old stratum corneum and pores, etc hard to fall off. It prepares the texture and leads it to the bare skin with transparent feeling. Use with wet hand OK. Waterproof mascara OK. Eyelash Extension OK. Emollient component: Rice germ oil / fermented oil / natural vitamin E / squalane. No fragrance / coloring / paraben free. How to use: Pump 2-3 times is suitable amount. With the inner circle drawing outwards from the face, it gently blends the oil while drawing a circle. Use a plenty of lukewarm water so that it does not leave any residue I wash away. When your hands and face are very wet, use after lightly draining. When dropping a makeup fee that is difficult to fall especially on water proof, etc do not wet hands and face. You can use it for those who use eyelash extensions (glue of cyanoacrylate type ingredients). Do not use it because there is a possibility that extensions may be taken in other glue. Also, as you rub it strongly, the eyelashes themselves will be easy to come off, so let it blend gently along the flow of hair. Then wash your face with soap.

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